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December 10, 2011


In a discussion over a few glasses of wine, I asked my friend Andrea the question, “What scares you the most? I have to create a multiple page illustration for class and I want a dark comic.”  She instantly had the answer of, “A mob.”

Our discussion evolved into an in-depth look at how mobs are created, what fuels the mob mentality, what the implications are, and how they escalate. Next thing you know I have an excellent foundation for an illustrated story/poem; Andrea got to work with words and I started sketching away.

The light post became a symbol for human, a thought, an idea generated or belief system created. It had to remain throughout the illustrations, and I wanted it to retain its size and stature while the other things and ideas grew.

There are so many ideas and concepts throughout the words illustrations but I really want the viewer to have their own experience so I will leave the rest for you to interpret how you will.

Check out the comic