Fire in the Sky

I was asked to choose a piece of music as inspiration for an art piece I had to make out of metal. I have always loved The John Butler Trio’s music; there is always inspiration to be had in their songs. One of their songs, Fire in the Sky, has always intrigued me. It has this awesomely great beat, but the lyrics are a punch in the gut. A realization that human beings can be total savages and kill each other and justify their behavior. The media, governments, religion all gloss over that human beings are killed and that it is alright because there is a reason.

My piece has this shiny, pretty front that has nice rhythm and harmony, but if you take the time to explore around the piece and look, you discover there is this dark, ugly back of truth and violence to it.

Of course I hope I did not degrade Mr. Butler’s music, I really was trying to do it justice.


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