The Art of Conversation


I like to draw, I just don’t do it very often. I can draw well when given time and a subject/photo to render, but most often when I am passing time, I doodle. The other night I was on the phone with a friend and ended up doodling the whole page with a design. What I realized is that I am more present in the conversation and able to listen and effectively respond much better as well.

There is proof that I am on to something here 🙂 Science is proving that mindless doodling actually improves memory and retention!

Check out Science Daily for their article on doodling.

Sooooo, of course I will have to start keeping all my phone doodles, I am compiling them into a book, its title will be “The Art of Conversation”  I am sure that title has been used over and over, but does it contain random scribbles?  I think not!

Here is the beginning of the collection, I will post them as I have them. Doodle on!





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