Finding the Love in Winter

Jeeze, blog much? I would have to say no. However, I am attempting a winter project this year to document the beauty in winter. I know there is much beauty in winter but I am hoping that if I spend my time looking for it that I can shift my attitude about winter. I am going back to shooting medium format film for most of this project. I am giving myself some allowances for when the camera may not be available. I plan to include winter activities that bring me joy, surrounding myself with others who love this season, and more than likely, trips to warmth so that I can recharge. Still trying to see if that last part is cheating. I am tossing around the idea of a show next year after I finish the project.

I am choosing today to start the project because today is the first snow we have received. Mother Nature chose to flip the switch on full blast. 8 inches of snow, a whole layer of crazy ice and plummeting temperatures, made this start to winter feel instantaneous. Very hard to believe I was camping two days ago.


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