Delayed Response

Wow have I been busy! You would think that after eliminating time intensive activities, like full-time studenting (maybe I should rethink my withdrawing from school with word like that) that there would be more time for creating posts about creating. Yea, well…

I withdrew from MCAD a week after the spring semester started. I found my dream job and they wanted me to be full time, now I am, and I love it!  Learn more about the awesome company I work for here. For the first time in five years, I am creating and pursuing all the projects I did not have time for while being enrolled in school. So for the last two months I have just been going crazy with all sorts of projects: photos, screen printing, designing clothes, sewing, painting, refashioning, felting and reading. Oh yea, did I mention reading? You would think that reading would not be a problem in school; however, aside from a required reading of Darwin’s On The Origin of Species last semester, I did not have any extra time for pleasure reading.

I am going to fill up the next several posts with all my latest projects and crappy phone images to showcase them…one of these days soon I will use my camera for these types of things, until then enjoy the world of android images.

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