I have been refashioning clothes for years and years. It has finally caught on thanks to sites like to Pinterest. A few weeks ago I decided to use a mens shirt made out of a knit cotton material and rework it for a summer shirt for myself. I am going stir crazy with this snow that will not melt and I figure the only way to make peace with the reality of the cold is to start making clothes that I can wear when it starts to warm up.

Mens dress shirt

Here is the mens knit shirt and the knit fabric that I started with.



in progress mens wear

Part of the process when you are refashioning something is playing and experimenting. I am deciding if I want to add sleeves.



Finished shirt and Maxi

Crappy android phone image, which, I might add was really difficult to take a picture of myself of the back of my ensemble. The back has all the detail and I wanted the picture to show that. At some point I will have someone photograph me in this outfit. Not to bad for a few hours of sewing.

One Comment to “Menswear”

  1. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but men’s clothing is usually cheaper than women’s clothing even in thrift stores?!?

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