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March 24, 2013

Look Up

The other night my brother called me at work and asked if I wanted to meet for happy hour at a little bar not too far from our house. I agreed and met him there after work. One of the things that I love about this city is that they keep so many of the original buildings intact. The little bar that I met Ken at was one of those kind of buildings. Original old beat up but still beautiful hardwood floors, who knows if the bar was original or not, but it too was all beautiful carved wood and mirrors. After a few drinks I had to excuse myself  and go in search of the bathroom.  While in my stall taking care of business, I look up, and holy shit if that ceiling was not the coolest thing ever! Repainted in who-knows how many coats of paint, was this amazing tin Pepto Bismol ceiling with cream crown moulding to die for.

Pink Tin Ceiling


I think the chandelier was a little understated considering the ceiling, but it was after all a dive bar with $1.50 well, wine and draft…what do you expect. Yes, my hour was happy indeed.

March 24, 2013


I have been refashioning clothes for years and years. It has finally caught on thanks to sites like to Pinterest. A few weeks ago I decided to use a mens shirt made out of a knit cotton material and rework it for a summer shirt for myself. I am going stir crazy with this snow that will not melt and I figure the only way to make peace with the reality of the cold is to start making clothes that I can wear when it starts to warm up.

Mens dress shirt

Here is the mens knit shirt and the knit fabric that I started with.



in progress mens wear

Part of the process when you are refashioning something is playing and experimenting. I am deciding if I want to add sleeves.



Finished shirt and Maxi

Crappy android phone image, which, I might add was really difficult to take a picture of myself of the back of my ensemble. The back has all the detail and I wanted the picture to show that. At some point I will have someone photograph me in this outfit. Not to bad for a few hours of sewing.

March 24, 2013

Delayed Response

Wow have I been busy! You would think that after eliminating time intensive activities, like full-time studenting (maybe I should rethink my withdrawing from school with word like that) that there would be more time for creating posts about creating. Yea, well…

I withdrew from MCAD a week after the spring semester started. I found my dream job and they wanted me to be full time, now I am, and I love it!  Learn more about the awesome company I work for here. For the first time in five years, I am creating and pursuing all the projects I did not have time for while being enrolled in school. So for the last two months I have just been going crazy with all sorts of projects: photos, screen printing, designing clothes, sewing, painting, refashioning, felting and reading. Oh yea, did I mention reading? You would think that reading would not be a problem in school; however, aside from a required reading of Darwin’s On The Origin of Species last semester, I did not have any extra time for pleasure reading.

I am going to fill up the next several posts with all my latest projects and crappy phone images to showcase them…one of these days soon I will use my camera for these types of things, until then enjoy the world of android images.