Look Up

The other night my brother called me at work and asked if I wanted to meet for happy hour at a little bar not too far from our house. I agreed and met him there after work. One of the things that I love about this city is that they keep so many of the original buildings intact. The little bar that I met Ken at was one of those kind of buildings. Original old beat up but still beautiful hardwood floors, who knows if the bar was original or not, but it too was all beautiful carved wood and mirrors. After a few drinks I had to excuse myself  and go in search of the bathroom.  While in my stall taking care of business, I look up, and holy shit if that ceiling was not the coolest thing ever! Repainted in who-knows how many coats of paint, was this amazing tin Pepto Bismol ceiling with cream crown moulding to die for.

Pink Tin Ceiling


I think the chandelier was a little understated considering the ceiling, but it was after all a dive bar with $1.50 well, wine and draft…what do you expect. Yes, my hour was happy indeed.

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