Screen Printing

I have been wanting to screen print for years and I am finally getting around to doing it. I am starting with an interesting painting technique for my first frame. I used a embroidery hoop and stretched my screen into it. I then used a latex paint to paint my design onto the screen. The tricky part was remembering that I had to paint the reverse of what I wanted to see


I have a light shining from the back side to show where I painted and where I did not. Where you can see the light, is where the ink will bleed through to create my design.

After letting it dry overnight I tested it out on a T-shirt…

Screen print frame

I needed a pretty small squeegee and had to break a spatula which was my only idea in that particular moment.


Screen Printed Tshirt

Here is the finished screen print.. It says “I’m Alive”  …well it is missing the apostrophe…it is a work in process 🙂

It was just fun to see that it worked.

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